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Four Great Resources for Planning Your Pet-Friendly Vacation

Welcome to my our new blog series in which we’ll delve into an abundance of topics pertaining to travel with dogs.  With dog ownership on the rise in the US, many tourist destinations are making it easier than ever for pet owners to plan pet-friendly vacations.  Long gone are the days when we were forced to leave our furry family members at home!

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7 Ways to Help Your Local Rescue (That Don't Involve Your Checkbook)

Greetings Haberdashery friends! I hope you and your pets are staying cool during these dog days of summer.  As August rolls in, many of us are looking forward to end-of-season barbecues, squeezing in those last few beach weekends, or -- dare I say it! -- shopping for back-to-school supplies.  For many of us, these activities can put an extra strain on our wallets.  Luckily, that doesn’t have to stop us from helping out our local animal rescues during a busy time of year. This month’s blog post explores some of the many ways we can contribute to our local animal rescues without giving money.  Of course, monetary donations are greatly needed year-round for food, supplies, veterinary services, transportation, and a myriad of...

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Helpful Tips for Traveling with Your Pup This Summer

Well, Haberdashery friends, after an indecisive spring, it seems that summer is finally upon us! For many of us, that means we'll be hitting the road again with our fabulous furry friends. (And by "furry friends," we mean dogs, not husbands!) Whether you’re headed to the beach, a mountainside camping trip, or some other relaxing destination, you’ll find that more and more places are catering to vacation-goers with pets. And why not? They’re part of the family, after all! In this introductory blog post, we’ve compiled some useful tips to make your summer travel a safe and delightful experience for you and your pets. Let us know what you think, and please remember to share any other helpful ideas you have in the...

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