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The Hound Haberdashery® offers a range of adjustable sizes to accommodate a variety of breeds. While we do allow exchanges for unworn collars, we strongly encourage customers to measure their dog(s) using the instructions available under the "How to Measure" tab in any of the collar listings. Please contact us with any questions.  We will do our best to reply as quickly as possible.  

 Available Sizes:

    • Extra Small (9"-11.5", only available in 1" width without side release buckles)
    • Small (11"-14", available in all widths)
    • Medium (14"-18.5", available in all widths)
    • Large (18"-22", available in all widths)
    • Extra Large (21"-26", only available in 1.5" and 2" widths)
    • XX Large (23"-28", only available in 1.5" and 2" widths)
    • Custom sizes for dogs in between pre-set sizes.

A Word about Width
- Please consider the length of your dog's neck when placing an order.  Most dogs cannot wear the 2" width comfortably, even in the larger breeds.  The 2" collars are intended for large dogs with very long necks (Greyhounds, Borzois, Great Danes, etc).  Some whippets can wear them, though most do better in the 1.5" width. Additionally, many smaller dogs cannot wear widths over 1".  If you are at all unsure about width, we recommend visualizing what your dog will look like by cutting paper strips to your desired width and taping them around your dog's neck.  If the dog looks or seems uncomfortable, you should opt for a smaller width.

Size Suggestions by Breed 

The following suggestions are meant as loose guidelines for determining the appropriate size for different breeds.  It is always best to measure your dog to determine the best fit.  If you do not see your breed below, please feel free to contact us with questions.  

  • Airedale Terriers -  usually large.
  • Australian Shepherd - usually large.
  • Beagles - small to medium, depending on measurements.
  • Belgian Malinois - usually large.
  • Borzois - usually medium, though some larger Borzois may require custom size.
  • Boxers - usually large.
  • Bull Mastiffs - usually XX Large, though some may require custom size.
  • Bull Terriers - usually medium.
  • Cocker Spaniel - usually medium, though some require custom size.
  • Collie - usually large.
  • Corgis - small or medium, depending on measurements.
  • Doberman Pinschers (full size) - medium or large, depending on measurements.
  • Galgoswe usually custom size these, 12"-16"; best to check measurements.
  • German Shepherds - usually large, though may require larger custom size.
  • Golden Retrievers - usually large, though may require larger custom size.
  • Great Danes - usually extra large, though some smaller Danes can wear large, and some larger Danes require the XX Large; best to check measurements.
  • Greyhounds - usually medium; some petite females may need a size between small and medium, in which case we can custom size 13"-17".
  • Italian Greyhounds - some can wear the extra small size, though it is best to measure first.  Some Iggies require sizes and widths smaller than what we make.
  • Irish Setters - usually large.
  • Jack Russell Terriers - usually small, though best to check measurements.  We recommend the 1" width.
  • Labrador - usually large, though may require larger custom size.
  • Pit Bulls - usually medium, though may require larger custom size; we recommend the 1" or 1.5" width.
  • Poodles (Standard) - usually medium, though best to measure.
  • Pugswe usually custom size these, 12"-16"; we recommend the 1" width.
  • Rottweilers - usually XX Large, though may require larger custom size.
  • Salukis - we usually custom size these, 12"-16".
  • Siberian Huskies - usually large, though may require larger custom size.
  • Silken Windhounds we usually custom size these, 12"-16".
  • Spring Spaniels - usually medium.
  • Weimaraners - usually large.
  • Whippets - usually small; we recommend the 1.5" and 1" collars.